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About home share

Home sharing is a mutually beneficial arrangement that can enrich the lives of both the home provider and sharer. Based on the principles of kindness, connection and reciprocity, it is a way to widen horizons, meet new people and create intergenerational friendships.

Our home share program matches seniors who need a little help to live independently at home (home provider) with a carefully selected, compatible companion who needs housing (home sharer).


In return for low-cost accommodation, the home sharer provides 10 hours of support per week to the home provider. Unlike other house share schemes in Australia, the Shared Lives’ home help program is specifically designed for seniors.

An elderly Shared Lives home provider kneads bread dough with a younger home sharer

One of the first specialised home share schemes in Australia


Home Share is a concept that has been around for many decades. It originally started in California in the 1970s and is now a popular shared accommodation option for seniors in the USA, UK, and parts of Europe. 


Home share programs are growing in Australia and Shared Lives is the first social enterprise to specialise in home sharing for seniors. Shared Lives operates in Melbourne’s inner suburbs. Please contact us to learn more.


Shared Lives Technology

Shared Lives takes the concept of home sharing and enhances this ingenious housing solution with user-friendly technology.


Our easy-to-use house share app allows the home provider and sharer to collaborate on outlining and meeting weekly support goals. The technology can be accessed by families and other carers too.


Stay in sync with a tailored support schedule


Easy access to personalised home help plans


Reassurance, oversight and collaboration


Shared notebook and direct messaging for family

Benefits of home share

Peace of mind

Peace of mind for the family that their older parent has support and is not alone at night.

Quality accommodation

Shared housing provides the Home sharer with quality accommodation at a low cost, often close to university, public transport and other amenities.

Independent and at home

Shared housing allows the Home provider, who are typically seniors, to remain living at home independently and they’re able to get quality support in a cost-effective way.


Home sharing offers companionship for both parties, reducing loneliness 
and isolation.

Positive impact

Home sharing encourages the forming of intergenerational bonds that make a positive impact on society at large

FAQs on our home share scheme

Shared living is not a new concept, but shared housing for seniors is still new to Australia. We understand that you might have questions about the home help arrangement – both as a Home sharer and a provider. Our FAQs are designed to alleviate your worries about our shared housing; from the safety of the program to the care expectations of a home sharer.

Smartphone with screen showing the Shared Lives app
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