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families nd guardians laughing together

Families and guardians

At Shared Lives we understand from our own experiences how challenging it can be to support an ageing loved one. It can be a melting pot of emotions—love, guilt and worry to name a few! Balancing your career and work responsibilities, and your own family while supporting ageing parents can be really hard going.

An adult daughter hold's her elderly mother's hand.

Shared Lives works with you and your parent or loved one to find a carefully vetted home share companion. The Shared Lives app has been designed with family members’ needs in mind. It will allow you and your siblings to view your parent’s personalised help plan, their weekly assistance schedule and a shared virtual notebook.

The Shared Lives team is here for you and we encourage you to keep in touch with us, as we will with you. Our founder and CEO has experienced the frustration of dealing with loved ones’ care providers who are only able to meet on weekdays, during work hours. At Shared Lives we will meet you at the times that suit for you best, including weeknights and weekends.

The bonds that you and your loved one may form with the home sharer can be immensely gratifying. Some of our home sharers may be living away from their families and deeply appreciate your friendship. Studies into the home share experience have demonstrated that optimal outcomes are achieved when home sharers are welcomed into the provider’s community.


With less time spent cleaning, shopping or mowing for your parent, you can be a daughter or son again. Knowing that your parent is not alone overnight, gives you peace of mind so that you sleep better too. Please contact us to learn more.

An adult daughter smiling with her happy elderly mother
An elderly lady at home

It is is difficult to put into words what a positive difference having a home sharer for Mum has made. It is not just the extra help, but joy she has brought to Mum and our family too. 

An elderly man laughing freely

Dad told me recently his only regret is that he didn’t have a home sharer sooner. 

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